My Self Publishing Adventure #5

More baby steps this week.

1] First, I designed a Site Logo:

you probably spotted it on the Home Page on your way here. The thinking behind the design was that it had to be something that was, primarily, book-ish and multi-purpose in terms of the mystery that is “Branding”. As a first attempt I’m quite pleased with it.

It’ll be used not only as my “official” Branding Marque here on the website and Social Media, but also on the spine of my self-published books. “Proper” publishers all have those little icons at the base of the spine of their books, so having one of my own at least makes things look that little bit more professional!

A partial consideration was that it also had to work for my planned YouTube Channel.

YouTube, or at least the BookTube and AuthorTube corners of it, is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now as part of my overall self-published-author-strategy to Rool Za Vorld!

From what I can see, BookTube mostly concerns itself with book reviews [I can do that] whereas the focus of AuthorTube tends to be Writing Advice & The Author’s Journey [I can do that too!]. So doing both has been something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. When? Oh, January 2020 at the earliest…

And then, in a weird piece of synchronicity, I got an email from James Blatch telling me that my Self Publishing 101 Course [from Mark Dawson] now has a YouTube For Authors module…!

Hint: Learn how to take a hint!

Since I know how to take a hint, I immediately set about working on the bookends for the planned YouTube channel, the little Channel Ident videos at the beginning and end of each upload. Working on the rudimentary animation for that played a part in the final design of the Bryan Mack Books Logo.

2] The Fan Film Book is nearly here!

It’s available on pre-order from Amazon in both the UK and the US for the minimum price of 99p/$1.30. It goes live on Friday the 13th [!] and I‘ve tweeted and posted on my Bryan Mack Books’ Facebook Page. Not much I know, but it’s a start. Like I say, baby steps and Learning By Doing.

On the plus side, already I’ve got a couple of pre-orders for the Fan Film Ebook and I’ve got actual sales for TNPM. Okay, so they’re still in single figures but they are actual, proper sales. I’ve also got my first review and it’s five stars! Yay!

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