My Self Publishing Adventure #12 – THIRD NOVEL!

The Paradox Club series continues!

The adventure that began in THE VALENTINE TRAP and continued in THE GHOST IN THE MIRROR enters its next chapter with THE DIAMOND OF TOMORROW.


Writing the third Paradox Club novel was a whole new challenge compared to the first two. Where Book One introduced the reader to all the main characters and Book Two followed some of those plot threads, with Book Three for the most part we only follow two characters’ stories.That wasn’t the plan when I started but that’s how the writing of it played out.

The first thing Book Three had to do was resolve the cliffhanger ending of Book Two. Without getting spoiler-y, the solution to the resolution of the cliffhanger meant either re-introducing a character the reader had already met or introduce a new character altogether. Having considered the available options I concluded that I had to introduce a new character, which I did. He’s fun to write and one I hadn’t planned on introducing into the story arc this early but that’s what happened.

The entire Paradox Club series is intended to be an epic adventure across multiple books. I know how it ends and so all the books take the reader one step further down the narrative road towards the final story destination. The intention is that each successive novel will take us a little bit further on that journey to The End. Just how many books it will take to get there I really don’t know at this stage.

What I do know is that the first four books – THE VALENTINE TRAP, THE GHOST IN THE MIRROR, THE DIAMOND OF TOMORROW and BOOK FOUR will together form what I like to think of as the Paradox Club equivalent of Phase One of the MCU.

After Phase One, again without getting spoiler-y, the story continues in Phase Two but goes in a slightly different direction and many of the characters from the first four books exit the story stage, their part in it over. Unless I end up being compelled to bring them back, of course…

It’s true what they say. Your story really does take on a life of its own and can end up going in directions that you never anticipated when you sat down to write it. I think I’ll write more on that in an upcoming blogpost but for now we are three-quarters of the way through Phase One, with only one book to go until this section of the story is complete.

Realistically, Book Four is probably going to come out sometime around February or March 2022.

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