2022: The Writing Adventure Continues…

With the obligatory Looking Back At 2021 post out of the way, it’s time for the equally obligatory Looking Forward To 2022 post. So, what’s next for Bryan Mack Books?

Well, since Goal Setting and Accountability are the things we all need to help keep us on track, here’s where I’m planning on going next in my Self Publishing Adventure…


New 2022 Books:

Having written Book Two and Book Three, the next challenge is to finish and publish Book Four, The Serpent Strategy. That book will round off what I refer to, inspired by the MCU, as Phase One.

Book Five, which has a working title, will start off Phase Two, with the intent being that readers can jump onboard the story train at that point, without having read books One through Four.

Existing Books:

Once Book Four is out, I’ll need to go back over Books One, Two and Three just to make sure that I haven’t inadvertently contradicted myself. Which is always a possibility!

If I find that I have I’ll tweak what needs tweaked, uploaded the updated manuscripts to KDP and then move on to the next project. Which is…


This is going to be the year I finally do this. With the completion of Book Four, which isn’t far off, the plan is to start recording the Audiobooks of books One through Four before I start work on Book Five.


With the need to record four audiobooks this year, I think putting Bryan Mack Books up on YouTube in any significant way is something that’s going to have to wait until 2023.


Again, something I’d really like to do but realistically I don’t think it’s going to happen this year. Unless, of course, I really manage to crack on with the audiobooks but I doubt it’ll happen until 2023.


I still get far too many Writing Advice Emails that end up getting filed instead of read. Note to Self: must do better! zero out of ten…


This is another one I’ve completely flunked. This time last year I had thirty unread writing advice books that I either hadn’t even started or started but never finished. And I still do. On the plus side that number hasn’t gone up!

So, in summary:

1] finish off Book Four, 2] go back and check Books One to Three for consistency and eliminate any accidental contradictions, 3] record the Audiobooks for, hopefully, all four books, and 4] read all those unread writing advice books [and emails!].

That’s four goals to achieve over the next 12 months. Can’t be that hard, now can it…

So. That’s the Grand Masterplan for what I want to do with Bryan Mack Books in 2022. It’ll be interesting to see where we are this time next year and how much of these plans I actually managed to achieve…

The Self Publishing Adventure continues – feel free to join me!


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