My Great Ideas!

Never forget another Great Idea ever again!


As Creatives, we all have them. All the time.

But if we don’t write them down, we can forget them. Which means we risk losing them. Forever.

Which got me thinking. What if I had an Ideas Journal? A place where I could write down all my great ideas in one place so I never forgot them again?

My Great Ideas! is the result.

Writing your ideas down does three things:

1] It lets you remember them, not forget them
2] It gives you evidence of your creativity
3] It helps motivate when you see how many ideas you have had.

Never forget any of your Great Ideas ever again. With the My Great Ideas! Creativity Journal you can record all your Great Ideas in one place. Contains space for you to save one hundred Great Ideas for:

  • Books, Stories & Novels or Characters.
  • Movies, Short Films or Scenes.
  • Business Ideas & Income Generators.
  • Website Videos & Podcasts.
  • Song Lyrics & Chord Runs.
  • Blogposts & Articles.
  • Even ideas for Drawings, Paintings or other Artwork.

With Review Pages to help you go in-depth on how to make them real, you need never lose another Great Idea ever again when you use your My Great Ideas! Creativity Journal.


A Creativity Journal

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