The Serpent Strategy


Book Four of The Paradox Club.

Haunted by the past, hunted by the future, the adventure that began in THE VALENTINE TRAP reaches its climax in THE SERPENT STRATEGY, Book Four of The Paradox Club, the time travel fantasy romance series.

Your name is Susan Campbell.
You used to be a time traveller.
You only know him as “John Smith”.
He’s a Chronomancer.

First he tricked you into killing your sister, then he took you
through a time door to 1940. That’s where you met
Valentine and Milo, just before they died in a hail of bullets.

In the future, they save the world from the evil of Leviathan.
Which is why Leviathan are hunting them.
And now they are hunting you too.

Valentine and Milo met the day your sister died. They met
because your sister died. So she has to die on time.
And you have to stop Valentine and Milo from dying.
Otherwise, Leviathan will win and the future will be changed
But nobody can evade Leviathan forever.
Not even a Chronomancer…

THE SERPENT STRATEGY is the fourth novel in the Paradox Club series, written for readers who have a love for the time travel fantasy adventure stories of shows like Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, Sliders and Timeless.

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coming in 2022: Book Five!

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