The Next Prime Minister

Have you ever wondered WHY we get

the Prime Ministers that we do?


What is it about those who achieve the highest office in UK politics that gets them the keys to Number Ten over both their opponents and their rivals?

Is there a reason why we always seem to get the same sorts of Prime Ministers?

Is there a way to know which one we’re going to get next?

Yes. There is.



reveals the secret law of politics
that put Boris Johnson in Number Ten.


Forget the political pundits and the commentators. When it comes to who will win and who is going to lose a UK General Election, there is only one indicator that is never wrong.

From Harold Wilson’s victory in 1964 all the way to today, there is a predictor of political success that can guarantee what sort of Prime Minister you’re going to get next.

Hidden in plain sight, this unwritten law of British (and American) Politics has been in operation since the Sixties, a law so subtle in its operation that everyone has missed it. Until now.

If you want to know who the next British Prime Minister is going to be, forget your focus groups and your opinion polls.

The Next Prime Minister instead and discover the secret reason why the next PM can’t lose and their opponent can’t win.



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