The Valentine Trap



 A New Time Travel Fantasy Series

Haunted by the past, hunted by the future,

it begins and it ends in THE VALENTINE TRAP,

Book One of The Paradox Club.

1967: Former time travellers Susan Campbell and Phillipa Audrey are sisters in love with the same man. That man is not John Smith. John Smith is the mysterious Chronomancer from the future who tricks Susan Campbell into killing Phillipa Audrey.

1987: The day Phillipa Audrey dies is the day Valentine and Milo meet, and they only meet because Phillipa Audrey died that day. So if Phillipa Audrey doesn’t die when she’s meant to, then Valentine and Milo won’t meet. And if they don’t meet, then they won’t fall in love and the future where they save the world from the evil of Leviathan won’t happen…

1897: With foes from the future hunting Valentine and Milo for something they haven’t done yet, Susan Campbell and John Smith are forced to work together to try and save them. Which won’t be easy now that The League of Temporal Gentlemen know both their secrets…

THE VALENTINE TRAP is the debut novel from Bryan McCormack, author of A FAN FILM ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME. The first book in his Paradox Club series, he writes for readers who, like him, have a love for the time travel fantasy adventure stories of shows like Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, Sliders and Timeless.

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