Sell Your Self!



Acting and Selling have more in common than you think.

Ever watched QVC? If you have, then you probably haven’t realised that all those on-screen presenters you’re buying from are employing the same performance skills that screen actors use. And very effectively too. That’s one of the reasons why they’re such good sales people. As you can probably tell from your QVC shopping bill…

“AT LAST! Someone who understands the importance of ‘Acting and Presenting’ in the sales arena. As an Actor and Presenter I feel this book should be OBLIGATORY for anyone wanting to sell, act or present.”

Paul Lavers, Actor and Presenter.

In SELL YOUR SELF! screen actor and author Bryan McCormack shows you how you too can learn the acting skills that will help set you apart from the competition, insulate you from rejection and equip you with skills you need to turn yourself into a more successful salesperson!

SELL YOUR SELF! reveals the secrets of successful selling that until now, only actors knew. Sharing his insights into both Acting and Selling gained through over twenty years of experience, Bryan will help you discover how to:

  • Develop your natural acting ability
  • Create a unique “Sales Character”
  • Liberate yourself from fear of failure
  • Uncover the keys to building rapport
  • Communicate effectively with any audience
  • Transform yourself into a Sales Superstar!

More than just a How To guide for professional sales people or persuaders, this is a personal development handbook that will benefit anyone from any walk of life. Whatever your sales space, learn to unleash the acting skills that make selling so much easier with SELL YOUR SELF!


Act Your Way To Sales Success.

Written by Bryan McCormack.

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