My Self Publishing Adventure #4

The Fan Film Book is a passion project of mine that has ended up coming out a lot later than I intended it to. About two years later, in fact. But at last it’s finally ready.

Having gone through the Kindle Create set up once already, with The Next Prime Minister, second time around it was slightly easier. Not a lot easier, but certainly easier.

The difference this time is that the Ebook is available for Pre-Order, whereas with TNPM I simply hit “publish”. Since I’m still trying to get my head around the whole Rubik’s Cube that is advertising and promotion, at this stage it’s simply a case of trying to get a handle on how you do things.

Hint: It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that you haven’t Cracked The Code yet. Keep Calm and unleash your Inner Alan Turing!

Self Publishing is turning out to be a bit like one of those Escape Room Games where you have to solve a set pf puzzles in order to get out of the locked room. The Locked Room in this case being How To Do Everything Other Than Write Your Book!

The plan for TFFB, as it stands, is to publish the Ebook first and have that at 99p. The majority advice from my self-publishing forerunners seems to be to keep the price low in order to reduce the number of reasons a potential reader has not to buy the thing. Since I’m just starting out, and nobody knows or cares who I am, that makes sense.

The first stage in any author career is, as everybody will tell you, building your List. There are a lot of pieces in that publishing jigsaw puzzle that you need to fit together. And I do mean a LOT! But, like any real-life jigsaw puzzle, the size and complexity of it is no reason to give up and quit because it’s too hard.

Hint: When you quit, you will lose 100% of the time. Winners are not those who never fail or make a mistake, but those who never quit.

I had lots of opportunities to quit when I was struggling to get my fan film Project: Fifty finished. The reason I never took any of them was that quitting was simply not an option. It’s not an option with self publishing either. A lot of it is still a perplexing, puzzling, frustrating mystery. But that’s only because I haven’t figured it all out yet. But I will…

So. The Ebook of TFFB stays out at 99p for a couple of weeks. The I put out the paperback edition and bump up the price of the Ebook accordingly. The planned launch date for the Paperback is December 30th, an Easter Egg of a date if you know your Who, and then the Audiobook sometime in January.

As far as TNPM goes, once the election is over and we finally know who’s won, the plan is to update that and put it out as a second edition Ebook and a paperback.

So my second Ebook will be my first Paperback and my first Ebook will be my second Paperback!

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