My Self-Publishing Adventure #9 – MORE NEW BOOKS!

Having put together the My Great Ideas! creativity journal, I realised I might be on to something.

What if, instead of a general ideas journal, you took the idea for that and made it a bit more specific, “drilled down” as they say, get a bit more “niche”.

And so, taking the principle of the initial Great Ideas idea, I then worked that up into four other versions:


My Great Ideas! is the general creativity one, for people who get lots of different ideas for different things. Good for students. I could have done with something like this when I was at Uni…

My Great Story Ideas! is the one for fiction authors, where they can keep track of their ideas for scenes, characters and plot points.

My Great Writing Ideas! is the one for non-fiction authors, where they can keep track of their ideas for essays, articles and books.

My Great Video Ideas! is the one for YouTubers and Broadcast Production students. And finally…

My Great Movie Ideas! is the one for Film Production students, with specific sections for Plot, Theme and Character ideas.

I’m really pleased with the way they turned out.

If you recall from my last post, the first one, My Great Ideas!, took about ten hours from start to finish. By comparison the other four took about that same amount of time in total, so a couple of hours each. Unlike the normal type of journal, which is really just a lined notebook with a bespoke cover, these all have separate icons for each idea. That’s what took the time, rejigging the first one in Canva, adapting it and replacing the icons before replicating the pages all over again.

As well as looking rather nice and giving you the warm inner glow of achievement, having a line of five books also gives me an opportunity to finally dip my toes into the murky waters of Amazon and Facebook. That’s another adventure to look forward to!

You can find all five Great Ideas! books on Amazon.

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